A New Kind of Man Podcast With Chris Sajnog

I was honored to be on the New Kind of Man Podcast with my friend Chad Zueck to discuss learning and living like a warrior. The New Kind of Man Podcast focuses on a direct approach to helping men reach mastery in the areas of spiritual development, financial responsibility, personal leadership, and other manly traits.

In this episode are how to be more manly, why lying to yourself betrays our confidence as men, and why every man has to first lead themselves (an important topic every man needs to hear!)

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Some more key takeaways from our conversation are:

  • How being a father shifted the importance of my life’s mission. ⁣
  • Why surrounding yourself with good fathers can help you to become a good father
  • How to encourage your kids to do the right thing⁣
  • Why all men need to watch Hacksaw Ridge ⁣
  • How resistance helps to grow men and prove their own manliness⁣
  • How a warrior ethos impacts every aspect of life⁣
  • Why manliness is best for society
  • ⁣How genders are different but equal⁣
  • How to be more manly

I’m sure you’re going to love this episode, so listen to it now and remember to always Learn and Live like a Warrior!


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