Chris Sajnog introduces and teaches how to use the advance focus string.

Advanced Front-Sight Focus String to Improve Shooting Accuracy

Hey guys, Chris Sajnog here, founder of the SEAL training system. In this post, I will teach you how to use an advanced front-sight focus string. Let’s go ahead and get started. 

I took a look at the front sight focus string, and I was thinking, “How can I make this even better?” I came across these beads that are square and black. They also have little white marks on them, like I teach you to put on your front sight post. So it’s ultra-realistic, and you’re just going to be able to train a lot faster and a lot easier. And that’s why I call it an advanced.

How To Use

You use it the same way you use the front sight focus string. You’re going to attach this to any object. You’re going to start off initially, by putting one end to your nose, and you practice teaching your eyes to focus on the same spot

Chris Sajnog demonstrates the use of the advanced focus string.

You want to get to a spot eventually, where the bead that you’re focusing on is going to be out about the same distance as your front sight post. You also want to work the other distances while you’re practicing this advanced front-sight focus string. You don’t just want to focus on one place because you’re teaching your eyes and you need to work in progress with that.

The great thing again about this is it’s a flat surface. So you’re going to be able to dial in the detail of when you’re focusing on that flat surface. And it’s going to translate a lot easier to focus on your front-sight post

Other drills

Some other drills that you can do with this that make it more interesting are writing down numbers and having somebody call those numbers out for you. You can practice shifting your awareness and your focus between the beads. 

Normally you practice with it on your nose but try moving it over to your dominant eye. Keep in mind that some people are not full right-eye or left-eye dominant. 

That is it when it comes to the advanced front-sight focus string. Go ahead and try one out and until next time, keep paving your path to perfection.

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