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The Best Firearm and Meditation Podcasts

You guys know I have a podcast, too, right? I love making my podcast and I love listening to others talk about their passions on their own podcasts. I listen in my car while I’m commuting and sometimes while I’m working out. I constantly draw inspiration from others and I want to share what I think are the best firearms podcasts

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Best Firearms Podcast

The American Warrior Show

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If it wasn’t clear from the title, this best firearms podcast is all about warriors and self-defense. Mike Seeklander hosts the show and is also the owner and founder of the American Warrior Society where there are forums on everything from guns and tactics to medicine and fitness.

The John 1911 Podcast

This podcast is hosted by Marky Mark (not THAT Marky Mark) and Freezer Meat. These two guys are all about “shooting guns & having fun” and their podcast is an extension of that lifestyle choice. Discussion topics cover everything from military surplus collecting, tactical scenarios, hunting, and just about anything else you can think of that involves firearms and fun.

Image of The John 1911 Podcast logo

Latent Force Prepared Defensive Action Podcast

Image of Latent Force Prepared Defensive Action Podcast logo

Hosted by the owners of Latent Force, LLC., this podcast focuses on defensive shooting and not only discusses tactics and mechanics, but what it takes to actually shoot at another person in self-defense. As serious as the topic of self-defense is, the hosts manage to make the podcast entertaining without being morbid.

The Gun Collective Podcast

Part of Firearms Radio Network, this podcast covers firearms industry news and add politics to the mix. They frequently have industry professionals join their discussions, so if you’re looking for the most current news on firearms, this is the perfect show for you

Image of The Gun Collective Podcast logo

Matter of Facts

Image of Matter of Facts logo

Phil Rabalais and Andrew Bobo host the Matter of Facts podcast. The aim of this podcast is a thorough and thoughtful discussion about firearms, the second amendment, and current politics

Daily Gun Show

As the name implies, this is a daily, 20-minute podcast. Pete and Jimmy release the podcast at noon EST and then at midnight they host an hour of live conversation. They have over 700 episodes that cover just about every firearm and tactical topic you and I can think of. They visit gun shows, shops, and museums and the podcast let’s us tag along for the ride.

image of Daily Gun Show logo

Shannon Smith Shooting Show

image of Shannon Smith Shooting Show logo

Shannon Smith is a USPSA Grandmaster who spent six years as a US Army Ranger team and squad leader. He knows what he’s talking about and his podcast is a great mix of shooting and booze recommendations (but never the two together, ok?). He has some great tips on becoming a better shooter but offers sound life advice, too. It’s a great listen.

God & Guns

Troy and Doug keep it simple on their podcast – it’s all about God and guns. They might digress to other topics for a little while, but they always bring it back to responsible Christian gun ownership.

image of God & Guns Podcast logo

Practically Tactical

image of Practically Tactical logo

Their website says it better than I ever could: “Practically Tactical is the show where critical thinking meets every day carry.” There’s usually a group of guys reviewing gear and discussing training with the best of the best in the industry.

This Week in Guns

Part of Firearms Radio Network, This Week in Guns focuses on the latest firearms industry news and information. They have a rotating group of experts who join them to offer their commentary on the week’s firearms news.

image of This Week in Guns logo

We Like Shooting

image of We Like Shooting logo

Me, too, and I bet you do if you’re still reading this list! Shawn, Aaron, Jeremy and Nick are the main hosts of this podcast that answers your questions about firearms, talks about industry news, and does product reviews. These guy are great resource, so give them a listen.

Firearms Cafe

With almost 200 episodes, Firearms Cafe takes aim at the politics governing America’s gun culture. Most of the recent podcasts take a deep dive into newsworthy shootings and the mass shootings that happen in America.

image of Firearms Cafe logo

Civilian Carry Radio

image of Civilian Carry Radio logo

Co-hosts Baraka Urich James and Allen Sams want everyone to know their mission: “Gun ownership is YOUR RIGHT, safety and education are YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.” This podcast is all about safety, education, training, and mindset and brings together experts from all across the firearms industry and several who work outside of it. Give it a listen, I know you’ll learn a lot.

Team Never Quit

Marcus Luttrell and David Rutherford, two Navy SEALs host this amazing podcast. They interview people with amazing stories and carry out their mission of helping people face their greatest fears to learn the Never Quit mindset.

image of Team Never Quit logo

Firearms Nation

image of Firearms Nation Podcast logo

This podcast shares the stories of trainers, shooters, journalists and gun makers – the stories of the firearms nation. The host, Arik Levy, was the lead firearms instructor for a major metropolitan law enforcement department. He really wants to build a better firearms nation and feels that sharing information about everything firearms related is the way to do it.

The Sheepdog Project

Tim Kennedy and Mike Simpson believe the average person is unprepared for violence of any form, and, they’re right. Most people don’t know or have what it takes to survive a one-on-one assault or a large-scale terrorist attack. These guys want to help train the natural born protectors, the sheepdogs, so they can protect the sheep from the wolves.

image of Mind of The Warrior logo

Order of Man

image of Order of Man logo

This podcast interviews the world’s most successful men to hear about their challenges and learn from their experiences. Ryan Michler wants to reclaim what it means to be a man and he’s talking with athletes, warriors, authors, and entrepreneurs and sharing that information with you.

Gun Talk Radio

Tom Gresham’s from Gun Talk has been on the air for more than 20 years and is the original radio show about guns and shooting. The show airs live on Sunday afternoons and you can call in with your questions. There’s a reason this guy has been on the air for two decades, so click the link and listen.

image of Gun Talk Radio logo

The Art of Manliness

image of The Art of Manliness logo

Like the Order of Man podcast, this one is all about helping men become better men using the ancient and classical ideals of manliness. The show is hosted by Brett McKay where he talks about everything from history to professional skills, parenting to pop culture, and self-defense to literature. There are more than 450 episodes, so you’re sure to learn something new and be inspired to be a better man after listening.

The Meditation Podcast

Jesse and Jeane Stern will guide you through meditations and help you become more mindful through their podcast. This husband and wife team have more than 20 years of experience in the Healing Arts and have been working on this podcast for over 10 years. If you’re new to meditation, this is a great place to learn more.

image of The Meditation Podcast logo

I Should Be Meditating

image of I Should Be Meditating logo

Another great resource to develop or maintain a meditation practice. You can listen to the guided meditations on the website, or you can sign up and have the podcast delivered to your inbox for free. Alan Kilma, the host, has been trained as a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction teacher, so let him help you learn to manage the stress of daily life.

If you know of any other best firearms podcasts or resources for firearms enthusiasts, let me know in the comments.

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