Chris Sajnog teaches the best lenses for shooting.

Corrective Lenses For Shooting Firearms

Hey guys, what’s going on, I’m retired Navy SEAL sniper instructor Chris Sajnog and the founder of The New Rules of Marksmanship training system. In this post, I want to help make sure you get the right corrective lenses for shooting. Now let’s go ahead and get started. 

Hopefully, I’ve convinced you of the importance of focusing on your front sight if you actually want to hit your target. If you’re a more mature shooter like me, you need corrective lenses to accomplish that. So I want to make sure you get the right corrective lenses.

Chris Sajnog displays a type of shooting eyeglasses.

Corrective Lenses for Shooting

#1 Decentred Lenses

First, in how to find corrective lenses for shooting, typically, when you get a pair of glasses, the lenses are lined up with your eyes centered in the frames. But when you shoot a rifle, you’re not looking out of the center of your lenses. You’re looking out of the upper part of the lenses and slightly off to the side. 

So the first thing you can do is get what’s called decentred lenses with the focus points slightly off to the side. Also, ask for digital freeform surface lenses which have special curvatures that correct for distortion.

I’ll tell you these are not cheap. Keep in mind these will only make sense as dedicated lenses for shooting rifles. 

#2 Shooters Glasses

Now option number two is to get a pair of shooting glasses with your dominant eye focused on the front sight and then a non-dominant eye set for distance.

 I don’t recommend that you bring your pistol into your optometrist’s office. So get in a good shooting stance and have somebody measure the distance from your dominant eye to your front sight post

#3 Power Contact Lenses

Finally, you can do what I did and get two different powered contact lenses. I actually wear them on a daily basis and this allows me to focus both near and far. 

So there you have it. There are three options for corrective lenses for shooting. Here’s a bonus tip you can actually improve your eyesight. Make sure you’re taking care of them with proper nutrition and regular exercise just like the rest of your body. Alright, that’s it for today. I hope this post has cleared things up for you. And until next time, keep paving your path to perfection

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