How I Solved My Health Problems with a 10 Day Water Fast – Part 2

If you remember from my last article, I mentioned that the middle part of change is always difficult. Well, this article covers the middle part of my fast and, as I knew it would be, it was a challenge.

Day Three

I woke up this morning and wasn’t feeling hungry and the constant headache of day two is starting to fade. All signs point to my body having gone into ketosis, which is good and expected. Three days in and I am down 10 pounds. Now, when you read that, what was your first thought? That it was just water weight I was shedding? I’ve heard several people say something like that over the years and I want to take the time to comment on it. The people who say it’s just water weight aren’t exactly wrong. The fact is, water is not supposed to be in your system. It’s counter intuitive, but if you feel like you’re retaining a little water or bloated, try drinking more water. Just like your body stores carbohydrates, it will store water if it feels you are in danger of dehydrating. The more water your drink, the less your body has to store. Another great benefit of drinking enough water is keeping your sodium levels in check. I’m not saying you can overindulge in salty foods and drink some water and all will be fine, but generally speaking, drinking enough water will help regulate your sodium level which can help maintain a healthy blood pressure.

Enough biology for now, let’s get back to people making comments about water weight. In my experience, every time someone has said “Oh, it’s just water weight,” to me, it’s been said negatively. It’s not just when I fast, either. It seems that no matter what we are trying to accomplish, we will always have detractors trying to pull us down for whatever reason. Don’t let them get you down! Remind yourself that you are brave and confident enough to try something new and those trying to bring you down are too afraid to go through the hard part in the middle of change.

People are always going to try and knock you down. And when they do, you know you’re on the right path.

Day Four

Today is basically the middle of my fast and normally, it would be a struggle. It just so happens that today I was traveling for my son’s soccer tournament, so I’ve been distracted with driving and being a soccer dad, so not much time left to dwell on the fact that I’m on a water fast.

Day Five

I didn’t sleep at all last night. Not sure why, but I’m thinking my bodily systems are doing some resetting after four days with just water. This morning was particularly rough while making my boys breakfast. When you haven’t eaten for four days and you’re heading into day five with no food on the horizon, the last thing you want to do is make a big breakfast that you can’t eat.  

This goes for your training, too. Just because you are focused on a goal or are in the midst of training or learning something new doesn’t mean the world around you stops turning. You have to realize that all the demands on your time and attention that existed before you embarked on something new will still be there and you have to continue to make room for them. Doesn’t matter if it’s your children, your pets, your job, your family—if you want to learn something new and become proficient at it, you have to find time to put in the training.

So yeah, this morning was hard. The boys needed to be fed and I love making them breakfast. I’m grateful I get to do that for them, but my fasting goal and cooking them breakfast are competing today and making it a challenge. One of the ways I deal with competing interests is by pre-planning as much as possible. I knew I wouldn’t be eating, but my kids would still need me to feed them. I was mentally ready for the hard moment when it arrived.

Plan for the hard moments you think you’ll encounter and it will help keep you paving your path to perfection while you train.

How I Solved My Health Problems With a Water Fast Part 2




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