How to Win a Gunfight

Here’s an old FBI training video from the 60s. It’s about fourteen minutes long and talks about training techniques as well as using cover and the effects of ricochets. It’s interesting to see what gunfight techniques were used back then and what ones still apply today. Check it out and let me know what you think.



  1. Well, I am of the age that I ‘was part’ of that era so perhaps I’m too old, hahah.. First, note that even liquor store owners wore suits to work! I would not discount anything the video discusses/shows… no matter revolver or modern day pistols. The ideals are valid today; accuracy, two hand and point shooting, cover vs concealment, situational awareness (on foot or in a patrol car), all these are essential. The discussion about ricochets, so accurate and commonly taught today. Remember, that cop walked a beat back when SWAT or any special response was unheard of and the lone officer was often the ‘only’ first responder and did “go in!” Great video. I have it in my collection and several others (Google – Newhall Shooting for some great LASO training stuff about that tragic day; or try this video for ‘old time’ pistoleros… Pretty wild stuff but the same mindset and and tactical awareness are expressed and we can all remember that anytime, any year. All be safe! Thanks for the forum Chris!

  2. Chief love your Training Posts and your videos! I would Highly Recomend to anyone your Package on How to Shoot Like A Navy SEAL. My Shooting Education has been thrust substantially forward from your instruction! All The Best!

    HMC (SARC) (FMF) Ret. USN

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