Chris Sajnog shares his tips on how to improve your grip strength

Grip Strength Grippers: Elevate Your Shooting Performance

Hey, what’s up everybody? In this post, I’m going to discuss the world of grip strength grippers and how they can help to improve your shooting. Let’s go ahead and get started.

I’ve been shooting for the majority of my life and one thing I’ve heard everywhere I go is the importance of trigger control. It’s a delicate control…Don’t pull it! You need to press it…No…it needs to be constant pressure…No, No, No…You need to caress it and whisper sweet nothings to it so it will move straight to the rear.

I’m Calling BS and Raising the Official BS Flag!

How long must we live in fear of our trigger? It’s time to man up and get a grip on your weak pistol shooting. The only reason you need to put your finger on someplace that works for someone else on your trigger is because they don’t know what they’re talking about and you have weak grip strength.

Think about this. If you put your pistol in a vise and slapped the trigger like it owed you money, what would happen? The sights would not be disturbed and the round would go exactly where you wanted. What if you had too much or too little finger on the trigger? BAM! Dead center. What if you pushed or pulled the trigger to either side? Can’t do it. Operator – Your gun’s in a vise = Key Hole.

Was it 60/40, or 40/60?

If you’re training to shoot on a flat range on a sunny day, you can try to grip your pistol any way you like. But if you’re planning on shooting under stress (Body Alarm Response) — home protection, competition, law enforcement, combat, zombie apocalypse — you are not going to be gripping your gun 40/60 or 60/40, it’s going to be 100/100. In fact, that is the only grip you can reliably reproduce in training, so why not practice it.

A device to measure grip strength

I own and use a great tool to measure grip strength called a hand dynamometer and have tested mine and others’ grip strength for years. I’ve learned that the only thing consistent about grip strength is that no one can reliably reproduce 40% or 60% strength. So for instance, if someone’s max (100%) grip was 100 lb. and they then tried to squeeze 40%, they would likely end up somewhere between 25% and 60%. Even if you have them squeeze to 40 lb. looking at the readout and then ask them to squeeze 40% again without looking, they will now only be within the 30 – 50 lb. range. If consistent grip equals consistent groups, this method is a non-starter.

Control Your Gun or It Will Control You

Next in this grip strength grippers. Assuming you pull the trigger with just one finger, rather than worry about the strength of what one finger can do, why not worry about its nine friends? That’s right, make your hands into a vise grip and do what you want with that trigger — show it who’s boss! Yes, if you’re balancing the pistol in your hands and your nine other fingers can’t stop the lateral force of one finger, then you will need to suspend your effort and concentrate on delicately applying pressure straight to the rear in the HOPE so that it doesn’t disturb the sights.

powerball shooting grip strength

Get a Grip

If you want to improve your shooting in one simple step, improve your grip strength. There are lots of ways to do it, but here is the technique I use and the one I recommend to my students.

How to Increase Your Grip Strength and Dominate Your Trigger…

  • Buy a Dynaflex Pro Gyro Exerciser
  • Buy an Iron Mind, Egg (Green)
  • Put them in your car
  • Work grip strength Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (I do it on my way home from training)
  • Warm up with Egg for 3-5 minutes
  • Use Gyo by alternating with each hand
  • Adjust your grip to use different muscles

For accident-free-starting in your car

If you like this tip about grip strength grippers, please share it with your friends. Friends don’t let friends get dominated by a trigger.

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  1. I was wondering about that, this makes a lot of sense, you describe grip sense to the point where I can’t go wrong, your knowledge is welcome mr. Chris

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