Chris Sajnog giving a tip on about practing dry fire.

Is Dry Fire Bad For Your Firearms? – Retired Navy SEAL Quick Tip

Hey guys, what is going on, in this quick tip, I really just want to kind of give you some information and maybe debunk a myth that’s out there. Is Dry Fire Bad For Your Firearms?

It’s kind of a tough one to answer because there are firearms that you don’t want to do it with, and other ones that it’s fine to do with. 

Chris Sajnog practicing dry fire with a SIRT pistol.

When Is It Fine?

Is Dry Fire Bad For Your Firearms? In general, if you are shooting a modern centerfire handgun like most of you shoot, then it is perfectly fine to do dry fire. When I’m saying dry fire here, I specifically mean that you are pulling the trigger on a gun that does not have a live round in the chamber.

So your gun is not going to go bang. That is what I mean here when I teach dry fire.

Dry Weapons Manipulation

I like to call it: dry weapons manipulation or dry weapons training. I say that because when I teach it, I mean everything that has to do with getting better at shooting. When I say dry fire training, I’m talking about everything that makes you a better shooter.

I’m talking about:

  • Meditation
  • Working on your eyesight
  • Working on your grip strength
  • Doing visualization training
  • Panning out your training
  • Working on drawing your weapon
  • Working on clearing malfunctions

All of this stuff is going to make you a better shooter

Answering the question here and busting the myth. In general, no, it’s not bad. One thing to think about is that when there is a round in that chamber and the gun does go bang, that’s a lot of pressure and a lot of potential damage that could be happening in there. And if nothing goes wrong there, it’s not going to happen when the gun doesn’t have a round in it.

Alright, so that is it for the question, Is Dry Fire Bad For Your Firearms? Keep on dry firing. And if you liked this post, please post a comment, I’d appreciate that. Share it with somebody, if you care about them at all. That is it for today. So until next time, keep paving your path to perfection.

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