Gun with Basic rules of Navy SEAL EDC

Navy SEAL EDC Concealed Kit Essentials List

Like most things, developing your top EDC kit isn’t a competition and isn’t about who carries the coolest toys. This is about being mindful of your needs and capabilities, and ensuring that when disaster strikes you have the tools available to you that you would want to have in such an emergency. If you haven’t already, take some time to think about what the top EDC kit would look like to you. 

Here’s what I carry in my EDC:


  1. iPhone 6 + Spigen Case
  2. Bose SoundTrue Headphones w/mic
  3. Emerson Commander
  4. Bobby Pin
  5. zZz IWB Custom Holster
  6. Handmade Wallet from my friend Gregoire Texier with small amount of cash, credit card and ID
  7. ITS EDC Med Kit (with cover)
  8. Handcuff Key
  9. Challenge coin for one of my fallen Brothers and BUDS classmate
  10. Glock 26 + Extra Magazine (with extensions) and Talon Grips
  11. Keys to my Honda Odyssey (Yes, that’s correct…I drive a minivan)
  12. Surefire E2D LED Defender Flashlight
Items Include in Navy SEAL EDC Kit

Not Shown

What Does Survival Mean to You? (Your Best EDC Kit)

This is what works for me and what I feel I need in my personal EDC. For some people, survival might mean stopping someone from bringing harm to themselves or those they love, while for others it might just mean never running out of money for Starbucks or never missing the perfect picture opportunity.

Although it’s great to check out what other people are carrying around with them in their daily carry, don’t try to get into a competition or think that one daily carry kit is better than another. 

Like I said, what a bodyguard carries with them might not be the same essentials as a professional photographer. Your personal top EDC kit will depend on who you are, your skills, and what you value. Checking out what others carry in their everyday carry is a good way to assess what you carry and see if maybe an item someone is carrying with them might be useful to you, but not everyone needs an EDC kit. My EDC kit is not intended as an instructional guide, it’s just a little information I’m sharing about myself.

Navy Seal Concealed Carry (Navy SEAL EDC Vs. Your Best EDC Kit)

I do think it’s important to continually assess what you need to have with you and have different navy seal concealed carry for traveling to different locations, using different modes of transportation, or traveling for different durations. Knowing that the best daily carry is really your personal top EDC kit, it stands to reason that you might modify that kit to fit the situation or the journey. The top EDC kit to have on foot is surely a bit different from what you might put in your car’s Top EDC kit.

So, what does a EDC kit have in it? Like I said, this is just my personal top EDC kit — not what every EDC kit has in it, or even any other Navy SEAL, might carry. I listed the items and provided links if you’re interested in checking them out for your own kit. There are a few other items I carry, but I am keeping them out of public view for OPSEC reasons, and I recommend you do the same.

Gun with Basic rules of Navy SEAL EDC

What is an EDC Kit? (Clean-Up Shot)

The reason the two items didn’t make it into my pictures was that one was on my wrist and the other on my face…watch and glasses — brain fart…I forgot. It’s important to know what is an EDC kit have because not every item on your list or mine will sound like a survival item. You might not think about your keys, blistex or tic tacs as a top EDC kit item, but if you carry them with you each day, that makes them your EDC. Likewise, a bobby pin might not seem like a life-saving item, but I know from personal experience that they come in handy in a variety of situations, and I would hate to be without one when the time comes. My personal Navy SEAL EDC wouldn’t be complete without one. 

Whoever you are and whatever you do, I recommend taking some time to consider what a personal top EDC kit would look like for you and assess if you are comfortable with the tools you have on you to operate in an emergency situation. If you immediately thought of a tool you have at home, but not with you that would serve you in a disaster scenario, consider adding that item to your everyday carry

The best EDC kit is one where the usefulness of the items is considered, along with how much room they take up. My bobby pin is a perfect example. It might not be useful that often, but because of how small it is, a bobby pin asks for very little cost in comparison to potential benefit.

Items Include in Navy SEAL EDC Kit

Another example is a canvas tent. While in some disaster situations a tent would be very useful, most of us do not carry a tent on our backs every time we go to the grocery store. The potential benefit is outweighed by the cost of carrying such a large item. In my EDC kit, I value the small size and weight of my items. However, if you live in an isolated area with heavy snowfall, you might absolutely keep a tent in the trunk of your car when making a potentially hazardous trip to the city. In that case, and for you, the benefit of the tent might outweigh the cost. Developing your personal top EDC kit is about evaluating the cost-benefit of every item. 

I also have a purse…I mean MAN BAG that I always have with me when I leave the house. Along with containing my EDC, there are a ton of other items I keep in there, but that’s the subject of a future post.

Post a picture of your personal top EDC kit in the comments or let me know if you have any questions about my Navy SEAL EDC kit.


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  1. Don’t have a pic but I carry a wallet, galaxy s3 phone with an otter box, Smith and Wesson assist knife, kahr cm9 with extra mag in a Foxx iwb holster.

  2. Hmm interesting, you carry all that on you physically? Now I need to add and subtract a few things , awesome & Thank you Sir!

  3. Thanks for sharing. What are your thoughts about someone who has no TCCC training to be carrying a medkit? Everyone say to still carry one, but what is the bare minimum for such a kit for someone with no training?

    1. In TCCC you always use the persons own med gear, so if you’re carrying it maybe someone with you will know how to use it. I’m putting together a medical training series for people just like you too, but that won’t be out for a while.

  4. SIG P229 .357 w/ extra mag, Tumi wallet with cards, cash, id, CRKT spec force big dog folder, car keys, Foxx iwb holster, luminox watch, guitar pick.

  5. Thanks for sharing your EDC kit and your knowledge. Here’s my EDC:
    Gerber Multitool
    CRKT Ignitor T
    Blistex lip balm
    Vicks inhaler (the tampon looking thing)
    PowerBalance performance wristband
    ITS paracord bracelet
    Casio G-Shock GR-7900KG watch
    Blackberry Z10 smartphone (yes, I am one of the remaining few owners)
    Car keys
    thirtysecondsout Kydex shock wallet
    ITS King Of Hearts chip

    Being in Canada, CCW permits are uncommon/rare so options for personal defense are limited. Is there anything you see (don’t see) that I should include/exclude? Thanks.

      1. I have a Princeton Tec headlamp in my “tactical shoulder bag” that I carry everywhere too, along with other items.

  6. iPhone 5s, life proof case, Rolex sub-mariner, money clip with ID CWP Amex and cash, Gerber Tactical Pen, Kershaw 1660 st knife Surefire E2D defender light, EGA Zippo lighter, Recon challenge coin, Sig Sauer P938 9mm, N82 IBW holster, key for Dodge Ram p/u. Skoal Bandits or cigars
    Contacts or glasses depending on circumstances
    Sometimes substitute gun. Kimber Pro Carry or Ruger LCR. Depending on clothing or destination

    Loved your book

  7. Never realized this stuff makes up an EDC kit . I’ve carried these items with me for years, just cause at one time or another I needed one or two of them .

  8. My setup:
    iPhone 5S with Magpul case (cheap & effective)
    SOG Flash II
    Springfield XD-M 9mm with 1 spare mag, Alien Gear IWB holster.
    Surefire E1L Outdoorsman
    Columbia Watch
    Paracord bracelet with handcuff key and quick release buckle.
    Memorial Bracelet for a friend KIA in AFG

  9. Samsung Galaxy S 3, Casio G Shock, Gerber auto a6, Glock 27 + mags, F 107 Tact Pen, Kubaton on keyring, Amx, Visa Deb, Money clip with stone, Streamlite mini, Ram 1500 quad/4×4, Sun & reading glasses, cuff key, Quarter. I use a small bitch bag for more carry ons if outside my comfort zone.

  10. Nice posts all. My base carry on me unless I’m at work. Other “layers” in my 511 covert pack as well as a larger bag in my Jeep. Some items change depending on where I’m going and for how long, and carry gun can change with weather and activities.
    Walter pps w/extra mag in a Vigilance tactical appendix carry holster.
    Zero tolerance /Emerson 0620 folder.
    Dad type leather wallet with dad amount of cash!
    Kyocera brigade phone (iPhone stunt double).
    Casio g shock watch.
    Surefire fury 2 light.
    Keys with gorilla flash drive and Inova light. Lanyard makes it easy to find quick in your pocket.
    Common pill carrier with pain and sinuous pills.

    I’ll have to take a look at the Its med kit. Smaller and perhaps more practical than my pack kit.

  11. iPhone 5s in a Lifeproof case
    Gerber Covert Folder
    S&W M&P 9 in a CrossBreed SuperTuck IWB
    Extra mag in a SnagMag
    Surefire E2D
    Timex Ironman Watch
    Keys (minivan, too)
    Leather wallet with debit/credit/id/CHP/cash

    Other items in a 5.11 Covert backpack as necessary

    I have a first aid kit in the car but need to add a trauma kit to my EDC

  12. Glock 26 with 15 round extra mag, Benchmade 555HG mini-grip, Brownells light. Kydex holster by Advance Performance Shooting. Not shown are mag pouch and light pouch also by ACP. Also iPhone 5s with life proof case but I wasn’t fast enough to take the photo and get the phone in there.

  13. G19+mag
    Victorinox Soldier 08 (not for defense, but I’m not trained for it either…yet)
    5.11 Atac plx tmt light (can’t say enough good things about this light.
    Looking to add med gear soon.

    Bag has medical, more mags, tools, adhesives, etc.

    Biggest thing I can say is, if you train, train in your edc. Don’t go to a course in your competition rig or trying to look like a contractor (unless you are one).

    Nice choices, great article. Thanks!

  14. On person carry outside of work-Oveready pocket light, iPhone, Custom CQC-8 from Ernest Emerson, HK45 in Milt Sparks VMII, or Sig P220 SAO (in same type of holster) spare mags, wallet, keys, TiBolt or Surefire pen

    At work(in hardened secure area) same, but no firearm, and a CQC-5 so as not to scare coworkers.

    Bag holds earbuds (Shure se315) first aid kit(quik clot, Israeli bandage, butterflies, meds, epi pen) spare batteries, Winkler belt knife, bogota rake/pick set, glow sticks, goal0 solar charger, iPad, multi-tool. Various other odds and ends.

  15. Thanks for posting. 1 question though. Where do you carry your mrs kit. I have a good bug out bag kit just trying to refine my on body kit. Right now I have.
    Kel-tec p-40 w/ x-tra mag
    Kershaw speed safe
    Kobalt pocket pal
    Streamlight mini stream
    iPhone 6+, glasses
    Misc keys W/ handcuff key and para cord keychain (25′)
    Casio gshock
    Fitbit flex

  16. Keys, pocket knife, Gerber Multi tool, meds,glass’s, comb, wallet G19 1 or 2 extra mags. I keep a bunch of other stuff in my Jeep ie: 1st aid kit, flashlight, the kitchen sink etc. So I really don’t carry much on me but I know I should because I am not always within a few feet of my Jeep.

  17. Late to the party! But here is mine….

    S&W M&P 9MM w/ Streamlight TLR-1
    High Threat Concealment Holster setup for IWB
    ITS Tactical EDC Trauma Kit
    Surefire 6PX with the pocket clip from Raven Concealment
    Keys to my F250 with a Streamlight Nano, I also carry a safety pin on this key ring
    CRKT Drifter
    OSE wallet
    rubber band bracelet my daughter made for me
    chainmail bracelet
    quick release paracord bracelet that I made, that has ~32ft of cordage
    Nokia Lumia 1520
    Cold Steel Recon
    Maxpedition Key Fob with a pen, pea lighter, phillips head/flat tip screw drivers p38 can opener and leatherman micro
    wedding band and another ring my late mother gave me
    Suunto Core
    2 spare mags in a comp-tac carrier

    This is my standard loadout, what’s typically on me if i’m out and about with the family doing errands/shopping and whatever else. on the weekends. I scale down/up based on what I’m doing – for example the full size firearm could be a Shield 9mm or my model 36 jframe.
    I also carry a Vertx Gamut for work that contains work related items and other gear.

  18. I’m a little late to the conversation, but wanted to get peoples thought’s about my EDC, specifically, carring my Sig Sauer P250 (subcompact) in a small cross-body bag, instead of carrying it on by belt? I’m disabled and walk with a cane, and have to carry the bag to hold a couple of medical items that I must carry with me at all times. The positive about carrying the bag is that it gives me the ability to carry some extra EDC items that I like to have, but wouldn’t normally carry on my body, i.e. multi-tool, notebook & pen, small camera, etc, and with the extra room I could also easily fit the Sig Sauer, or a larger pistol, such as a Glock 19, with ease. My question is this, by carrying my pistol in my bag, am I putting myself in a dangerous position because I may not be be able to draw from my bag as quickly as I could from a holster on my belt? Appreciate everyone’s thought’s!


    1. Everyone carries different and only you can decide what’s going to work for you and your situation, which seems pretty unique.
      Just make sure you’re practicing the way you carry and you should be good.

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