SIRT Training Pistol Review – Next Level Training Laser Pistol

Safe, effective, and innovative, the Shot Indicating Resetting Trigger or SIRT training pistol is a patent pending pistol that was invented by Mike Hughes, an accomplished firearms instructor and competitor, who founded Next Level Training. Developed by shooters for shooters, as a complement, not a replacement, for live firearms shooting. This pistol has many features and brings together a host of patent-pending technologies critical to improving shooting accuracy while addressing issues of cost and liability.

By mimicking either the functional features of a 9mm Glock 17/22 or the Smith and Wesson M&P, it is designed to simulate all the pistol features of these guns. The trigger characteristics of a real firearm, including the presence of slack or take-up in the trigger to help you familiarize with the feel, manual handling and responsiveness of any of these weapons. You can use a real gun holster for it. If new shooters practice at home with this pistol, they will build the perfect neural pathway to use on the real deal and fire on the range with deadly accuracy without sacrificing speed and without spending a lot of money on trips to the range and ammunition.

SIRT Pistol Review

  • Each SIRT laser training pistol comes with, a removable and adjustable weight training magazine, a trigger adjustment tool, a laser windage and elevation adjustment tool and you can customize it by changing the sights and other parts.
  • It doesn’t fire a projectile, and the lasers are harmless, allowing you to train anytime and almost anywhere. (use common sense where you practice shooting with something that looks like a gun)
  • It has two laser indicators, a red dot and a green dot, operated by a switch. The red laser serves as your primary laser, while the green second laser is a take-up laser positioned on top of the primary one. The green laser allows observers to monitor your movement while shooting, helping them determine whether you are mobile or stationary.
  • It requires a battery to power its green and red shot indicating laser.
  • Fight potential boredom with a simple, but versatile, tool that makes training fun.
  • The system provides the shooter (or instructor) immediate feedback on performance allowing for real-time adjustments, and it offers several features that, when used consistently, offers a rewarding experience.
  • It accurately mimics real pistol weight and center of gravity which are imperative in mastering a real gun.
  • The integrated lasers allow for proper draws training of various pistolcraft skill sets.
  • It is designed to simulate the functionality of a real firearm, including the trigger pull and reset, without the need to rack the slide.

SIRT Dry Fire Training Pistol

The SIRT is a great dry fire training pistol to improve your shooting skills. For those of you who don’t know, this type of training is the generic term for practicing weapons manipulation with an unloaded gun. It involves everything you do with that weapon, from basic fundamentals to shooting on the move. Think about all the things you need to practice to become a more effective shooter: shooting positions, grip, sight alignment, movement, tracking moving targets, barricades, trigger control, breathing, front sight focus, natural point of aim…the list goes on and on.

As many of you know, I’m a huge fan of non-firing drills. I’ve talked at length about how these exercises can help training your brain and create the habits of a highly successful shooter. The NLT SIRT allows you all the same tactile feedback of normal firearms training to develop muscle memory while allowing you to train in a low stress meditative situation. It is understood that myelination, or muscle memory, is not built by speed of motion, but by deliberate and consistent motion. When live fire training, there is a natural tendency to try and speed up, which is the opposite of the kind of deliberate, slow movement we want for developing myelination. 

When training at the range, the many variables you can experience, even in that controlled environment, can be detrimental to your training. Every micro adjustment made due to the explosion in your hand, the distractions on the range or the recoil of your weapon takes you further from the perfect pathway and makes your job that much harder. By training at home and moving slowly your brain is primed to memorize the motions you use to aim and shoot. Over time, speed naturally follows from a properly trained brain.

If you’re still unsure what this pistol brings to the table it basically gives you a valuable opportunity to practice trigger discipline, stance, grip, and how to aim down your sights, all while setting yourself up for powerful muscle memories to serve you in your marksmanship without spending money on ammunition and expensive trips to the range.

The weight of the SIRT pistol in your hand and the instant targeting feedback provided by the laser makes this the perfect tool to correct sight alignment errors you may be making. By correcting them at home and not on the range, you can save yourself time and money that is better spent elsewhere.

I guarantee, when you have the tools available to you to train effectively from home, it will be a pleasure to start your training session. When you train, you train with the incredible human potential of your brain. By building those perfect neural pathways off the range, you find yourself becoming a highly successful shooter without wasting a pile of ammo to get there.

SIRT Pistol Coupon Code

Because I feel passionately about this tool I have contacted and established a discount program with the manufacturer directly and managed to get you 10% off, if you use my SIRT pistol coupon code: Sajnog. I have seen this pistol work towards real results in my students and I couldn’t be happier. It feels almost like a real gun. 

There are two SIRT Training Pistol options currently on the market. The 110 Pro model which is functionally similar to a Glock 17 or 22 or the 107 Pro model which is going to be similar to the Smith & Wesson M&P.

With the 110 model, you get to choose your slide type, either metal or polymer (with polymer being less expensive), slide color (metal options are purple and red, polymer options are green, pink, purple, or red). A 110 model with a polymer slide will start at $339 and the same model with a metal slide will start at $439.

The 107 model has fewer options, only offering a metal slide in red with your choice of red or green laser color. This option is similarly priced to the 110 model at $439.

As I have said before, the difference between a marksman and a guy with a gun is his focus, training and commitment. This pairs well with the Laserlyte shooting targets and they even have an AR-­15 bolt, in case you want to practice on an auto-­resetting trigger rifle. If you’ve used the SIRT training pistol before or have any comments or questions about it, please leave them in the comments below. I’d be happy to hear your thoughts.

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