The Best Gun Blogs of 2018 – Firearm and Meditation

If you’re reading this, you’ve already found the best firearm and meditation blog on the internet! Congratulations! All kidding aside, I hope you enjoy reading my best gun blogs and the content I post here. If you do enjoy my blog, here are some other great blogs I think you’ll enjoy.

The Best Firearms and Meditation Blogs of 2018 collage

Best Gun Blogs Lists

Gun Digest | Tactical

Part of Gun Digest magazine, the Tactical blog is pretty much what you think—articles about all things tactical. Some of the must read articles talk about affordable bolt-action rifles and the magazine’s top pics for concealed carry handguns. If you’re looking for detailed information on something super specific, Gun Digest has you covered.

logo of Gun Digest site

Jerking the Trigger

logo of Jerking the Trigger site

This blog strives to connect readers with American-owned small businesses and craftsmen specializing in the firearms industry. You’ll find a lot of great tactical reviews on this blog and probably find some new gear you never knew you needed. The gear tends to be geared (HA!) toward survival and worst case scenario situations, so if you’re a survivalist (or even if you aren’t and just want to be better prepared), check it out.

Lucky Gunner Lounge

Lucky Gunner is run by Chris Baker and has a team of contributing editors who all love shooting. The blog is an offshoot of the ammo and supply store Lucky Gunner, so they write about the ammo they sell, but the blog is about much more than ammo. The writers want to educate and entertain without brand-loyalty or politics—just good natured discussions.

logo of Lucky Gunner Lounge site

Precisions Rifle Blog

logo of Precisions Rifle Blog site

Cal Zant, engineer and author, runs this blog. He’s one of the most organized and detailed firearms bloggers out there. When he digs into a topic, you’re going to learn everything you could possibly want to from his articles. He’s created a blog that functions more like a discussion forum with questions, tips, and corrections.

Gun News Daily

Probably one of the best resources for information on gun laws across the nation. Chris Browning, the editor-in-chief, prides himself on Gun News Daily being a resource for gun enthusiasts who are looking to learn more about gun education and safety. In addition to industry news and laws, the blog has some great gun guides and a ton of information on AR-15s.

logo of Gun News Daily site

The Loadout Room

logo of The Loadout Room site

“Hardcore gear and adventure for men” is the tagline for this blog and that’s exactly what they deliver. Blog posts fall into any number of categories on this site including fitness and nutrition, special operations selection, gear reviews and disaster preparedness. They also share their thoughts on men’s lifestyle trends and offer plenty of good articles and advice on shooting.

Pew Pew Tactical

This blog takes the point of view of someone new to shooting. Almost everything is designed to be beginner-friendly. They offer some great how-to videos and editor’s picks for when you need quality advice. This is a really great site if you don’t have a military or law enforcement background and want to learn more about shooting and all that comes with it.

logo of Pew Pew Tactical site

The Shooter’s Log

logo of The Shooter’s Log site

Presented by Cheaper Than Dirt, the goal of this blog is to cover all things shooting and outdoors relatedfirearms, fishing, camping, and survival prep are frequently covered topics. There are great product reviews on firearms, accessories, and ammo, and just as many great articles covering industry news and legislation. The blog writers do a great job of just presenting the facts and their personal experiences.

Armory Blog

Another great place to go for industry news and product reviews, but with a little more attention given to military happenings. This blog also offers information on swordsandknives if that’s something you’re interested in and, if not, you might be interested in their collection of humorous gun-related articles.

logo of Armory Blog site

Gun Nuts Media

logo of Gun Nuts Media site

Caleb, Shelley, and Tim are the team behind Gun Nuts Media. Their blog offers comprehensive reviews of some of the more commonly used firearms. Mixed in with the reviews are articles talking about why a gun might not be right for you, or the right concealed weapon for you and might be one of the best gun blogs.

Shall Not Be Questioned

If you’re looking for a firearms blog that takes on the politics and gun culture in America, this is the one you want to be reading. Sebastian and Bitter don’t hold back on dissecting American gun laws or proposed legislation. Be prepared for some heated but respectful discussion threads on this blog.

logo of Shall Not Be Questioned site

Rem 870

logo of Rem 870 site

If the name didn’t already give it away, this blog is entirely devoted to the Remington Model 870. They write about upgrades, modifications, and accessories and encourage people to share their experiences, tips, and tricks in their online forum. If the Remington 870 is your firearm of choice, this should be your blog of choice.

The Firearm Blog

This blog covers news from the firearms industry and militaries around the world. They don’t really weigh-in on the politics of different countries, they just report what’s happening so you can stay informed and well-educated on the topics important to you and other gun enthusiasts.

logo of The Firearm Blog site

Everyday No Days Off

logo of Everyday No Days Off site

In addition to product reviews, this blog looks at firearms-related advertising and offers pointed social commentary on them. It’s a really informal blog and can be pretty funny at times.

USA Carry

If you have any questions about concealed carry, check out this site. They cover everything you need to know about securing you concealed carry permit in each state, which states will honor another state’s permit, and classes and events that will help you obtain your permit. Like so many other blogs on this list, they offer great advice on a wide variety of shooting related topics.

logo of USA Carry site

Imminent Threat Solutions

logo of Imminent Threat Solutions site

The people behind ITS are experienced servicemen who want to share their knowledge of how to recognize and respond to the threats surrounding us. The focus here is on a strong mind and body being essential to anything else you want to do in life. Sound familiar?

The Truth About Guns

One of the best resources I’ve found for debunking a lot of what the public considers “facts” about guns in America. The writers dig deep into published research to show the real facts about guns in America.

logo of The Truth About Guns site


logo of Ammoland site

This blog covers gun news, gun rights, and gun gear, and anything else shooting sports related including archery and hunting conservation efforts. They are very pro-gun and often share editorials related to recent gun news.

If you know of any other best gun blogs or resources for firearms enthusiasts, let me know in the comments.

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  1. A lot of decent new gun stores have their own blogs and invite/team up with writers to produce content. This list is great representation of that, since a lot of those are also gun/ammo stores. Lately, I’ve been a fan of Gritr blogs, even though they don’t post that often yet, content is pretty nice and easy to pick up.

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