The Biggest Shooting Errors That People Make

I’ve been teaching people how to shoot properly for a while now and also observed how other instructors teach others. When people come to me, even if they have some experience and even paid for an instructor in the past there are some mistakes that I see over and over which are a great impediment to getting better at shooting.

If they remain unsolved progressing further is nearly impossible. There are some basics that people just seem to skip over for whatever reason or some limiting beliefs that they accepted from somewhere without questioning if they are true or false when in fact they aren’t based on any solid prof.

Check the video below and I’ll show you which are the biggest shooting errors that people make and find out if you have one or more of them and also find out how to correct them because this is what I’m all about after all, showing people how they can get better.

Click Play…

By just fixing these five errors you will undoubtedly take your shooting to the next level. The best part is that it doesn’t even have to take that long or have to pay loads of money for that change to happen, I show you how to do it for FREE! on my app in the Training section. Available for Android and for iOS.


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