How my New Rules of Marksmanship Can Help You

Chris Sajnog is a retired Navy SEAL who literally wrote the books on Navy SEAL shooting: How to Shoot Like Navy SEAL, followed by Navy SEAL Shooting. However, Chris has a passion for training and excellence that goes far beyond the firing range – his mission is to help others realize their full potential and cure the disease of mediocrity.

In the Navy, Chris was introduced to a brotherhood of excellence – and, believe it or not, it was also his first introduction to firearms!

Chris excelled in sniper training, so he went on to become a sniper instructor and, ultimately, re-wrote the training curriculum. However, that same curriculum, which focused on the fundamentals of marksmanship, didn’t translate when trying to instruct civilians.

Because being a successful marksman has little to do with how you stand, how you grip, and how you hold the gun – it’s about not getting in the way of what the tool is designed to do. So success all comes down to how you train.

“If I had one thing that I could teach people, to learn anything in life, it’d be to meditate.”

That’s why Chris developed the New Rules of Marksmanship:

  1. Mindset
  2. Planning
  3. Physics
  4. Focus
  5. Dry Weapons Training
  6. Deliberate Practice
  7. Constant Feedback

Although designed for training in marksmanship, the basic principles can be applied to learning anything. A lot of it boils down to making yourself open to change, and then putting yourself in a position where change is possible.

Remember, the gun, the tools, and the systems are made to be accurate – it’s the person who succeeds or fails, in everything they do.


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