Can You Really Focus on Your Front Sight Under Stress?

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I've spent countless hours studying how humans learn... Then I combined that with my years of training as a Navy S.E.A.L. to come up with the best online shooting course that was ever created!

You may have heard that under stress you can't even see your front sight, much less FOCUS on it. As a Navy SEAL I can tell you this - It's TRUE! You can not focus on the front sight under stress IF - You don't know how to train properly. Find out how to focus like a sniper in this video.



“Once again, Chris demonstrates why he was considered a training expert in the most elite military force. His training is a must for those serious about hitting the target.”

Ryan Zinke​

CDR SEAL Team 6, Secretary of Interior

“Chris, First of all thank you. Everything I have seen and read online has been great. I am a full-time instructor for the state of Ohio’s peace officer academy. Your format and delivery are exceptional. The content is as if it is being taught in person. Thank you for all the hard work you obviously put into this program"

Andrew Russell

Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy​

“Chris has taken a difficult and sometimes mysterious skill set and has re-thought, clarified, and adapted the material to make it much more accessible for the beginner and the expert alike. Don’t miss this shot!"

Joel Lambert

Former Navy SEAL, Discovery Channel’s Manhunt & Lone Target


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