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  • The top 3 firearms training mistakes and how to fix them... (you might be making all 3!)

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Some Core Features Of My Training System

I've spent years learning how the brain works and I've been myself the subject of various training methods including the S.E.A.L. training curriculum. The content that I create is the result of thousands of hours if not even more in understanding how we humans train and learn.

  • Mindset​

    When it comes to learning how to shoot, most novices incorrectly believe that if they want to shoot well, the first skills they need to practice are to stand, grip the firearms and pull the trigger. The truth is, learning any skill starts with training your mind. As a New Rules Shooter, you'll learn how to quickly become an M.V.P. Shooter with Meditation, Visualization, and Positive Thinking.

  • Planning

    Try to imagine taking a road trip, and you want to make sure you get to your destination quickly and not waste any gas. Would you plan out your route, or just get in the car and hope for the best? My best is you're smart enough to do some planning! When learning how to shoot, planning is critical to reaching your goals as quickly as possible. As a New Rules Shooter, you'll have a G.P.S. to help you navigate.

  • Physics

    The laws of physics control everything we do here on earth. From how we breathe to how a firearm will cause an equal and opposite reaction to the force applied (i.e. gun goes "bang"). With this empirical knowledge comes a much better grasp on the forces necessary to control any firearm and ensure each round meets its intended mark. While methods work for some, New Rule's mechanics work for everyone.

  • Focus

    Learning to shoot a firearm effectively is not hard - if you know where to focus. The problem, which even many experienced shooters struggle with, is not just where to focus but also, how to focus. By combining New Rules skills like Mindset (learning to focus the mind), Physics (how the eyes function) and using tools and techniques scientifically proven to allow you to focus faster, which equates to shooting faster.

  • Constant Feedback

    The only thing worse than not practicing is practicing the wrong thing. Every time you perform a skill you are teaching your body to do it that way again next time. So if you're doing it wrong, even one time, you're not getting better - in fact - you're getting worse. The good news is that there are plenty of easy (and free) ways to get constant feedback so you can quickly start Paving Your Path to Perfection!

  • Conditioned Response Training​

    If you want to learn any complex skill, the fastest way is to break the skill down into its smallest pieces (called chunks), practice each one, and then put them together like a puzzle. If you want to the skills to stick, you also need to learn without stress (i.e. "Bang"). Think of any professional sports team. Do they play games to practice or run drills? New Rules Shooters use dry weapon training as their "drills" in Conditioned Response Training (CRT).

What People Are Saying

Hundreds of people recommend my courses, books and content overall. Here are a few words from people that you might know and trust.

Chris has taken a difficult and sometimes mysterious skill set and has re-thought, clarified, and adapted the material to make it much more accessible for the beginner and the expert alike. Don’t miss this shot!

John Kowalsky


You literally can’t find the techniques taught here anywhere else – because Chris developed them! He taught the US Navy SEALs to become masters of shooting under extreme conditions and now he’s offering you the same opportunity.

Scott McEwen

#1 New York Times Bestselling Co-Author AMERICAN SNIPER

Once again, Chris demonstrates why he was considered a training expert in the most elite military force. His training is a must for those serious about hitting the target.

Ryan Zinke

CDR SEAL Team 6, Secretary of Interior

I take writing personal recommendations seriously and write them sparingly; but having served with Chris as a Navy SEAL for many years I take great pride in saying you’ll find no better or a more knowledgeable, dedicated firearms instructor anywhere.

Don Shipley

USN (ret) BUD/S 131. SEAL Team ONE, SEAL Team TWO.

Masterfully written by a master at “ATTENTION TO DETAIL”. If you want to be a World Class shooter, this is a must read.”

Fred Kolberg (Ret. SEAL)

I'm on a mission. Yes, I know I'm retired, so no more taking out terrorists for me.


I've spent my life training the world's most elite warriors, the US Navy SEALs. One day I came home from a long deployment and realized my two boys needed me more than the SEAL Teams.


After 20 years serving my country, it was time to grow up — and become a father.


I've taken my experience as a Master Training Specialist (and writing the US Navy SEAL Sniper Manual) and authored two bestselling books. How to Shoot Like a Navy SEAL and Navy SEAL Shooting, based on the New Rules of Marksmanship.


I spent four years studying neuroscience and elite performance to develop a fundamentally unique way to learn how to shoot — the New Rules of Marksmanship training system.


I've been lucky to have helped so many people learn a skill that for the past 50 -years was taught incorrectly — even by me.


Now, I want to help you. Maybe you don't need to hit a moving target at 1000 yards, but the fundamentals for learning any skill can now be done faster and easier at home.