Combat Marksmanship Fundamentals

How To Shoot Like a Navy SEAL

Each year in America, 2 Million criminals break into homes just like yours. Is your aim good enough to guarantee your family's safety?

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​How to Shoot Like a Navy SEAL teaches gun owners the same deadly effective techniques the author used to create the world's deadliest snipers. The book is designed to give you the most powerful methods in easy-to-follow instructions.

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How To Shoot Like a Navy SEAL Offers...

  • Most optimum shooting stances

    How to find the right positions for you -- not the cookie-cutter methods that only work for some people -- so you can maximize your aim with as little effort as possible.

  • Effective training methods

    Simple training exercises you can do right now, at home, without having to spend 1,000’s of dollars at the shooting range.

  • SEAL techniques to improve accuracy

    How to boost your accuracy by up to 95% -- using the “Navy SEAL focus” technique that you can master in just minutes.

  • Rule of thumbs that are the backbone of any good shooter

    Chris Sajnog’s “SEAL 7”: 7 super-simple steps that will completely change the way you shoot… so you can hit your mark every time.

  • Shooting tips that only the best are aware of

    The SEAL Sniper Trick that you can start using today, allowing you to instantly hit targets at twice the distance.

  • How to correct bad shooting habits

    Why the aiming technique you were taught is completely wrong -- and how you can fix it instantly.

  • Family safe

    Plus… how to do all of this safely, without risking harm to your family.


Here are a few testimonials from real people that you know and trust.

Bryan Black

Editor-in-Chief, Founder of ITS Tactical

Having attended multiple hands-on instructional courses in firearms training, I was impressed with how Chris broke down the fundamentals in a way I'd not seen before. This explanation has really helped me grasp a lot of the why in recognizing my bad habits and working to correct them.

B. Atkinson

Corporal/Field Training Officer

I have been a police officer for over 23 years in some of the most dangerous areas of Los Angeles County and Orange County, CA. I have attended hundreds of hours of firearms training, and I am always looking for a way to improve my combat shooting. ‘How to Shoot Like a Navy Seal’ puts into words and video some of the most efficient and consistent shooting techniques I have ever used. My shooting has improved and continues to improve every time I use the techniques Mr. Sajnog wrote about in his book! If you are serious about improving your combat shooting ability and the ability to defend yourself and your family, this book is a must read!

Blake Miguez

Top SHOT Season 1/ All-Stars, USPSA Grand Master

The book has great fundamentals told in simple easy to comprehend terms from the eyes of someone who knows what it's like to be in combat defending our freedom and liberties, a Navy SEAL. Great book!

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A Few Words From Your Teacher...

Hey fellow shooter,


I’m Chris Sajnog (pronounced Sigh-Nog), the bestselling author of 'How to Shoot Like Navy SEAL' and 'Navy SEAL Shooting'. I’ve got an amazing family: a beautiful wife and two amazing boys…I’m truly blessed.​


After retiring from the Navy and opening Center Mass Group, LLC, my scheduling quickly filled up with running courses for the military and law enforcement teams. I received hundreds of emails each week from civilians wanting to learn how to shoot, but I couldn’t help them due to my busy schedule.


To help reach more people, I published How To Shoot Like A Navy SEAL in 2013 and it quickly became an Amazon bestseller for shooting.

Chris Sajnog

Retired Navy SEAL, best seller writer, instructor, husband and father