The live fire range is the WORST place you can learn to shoot. Why? Well, do you think jet pilots learn to fly in planes? NO! They learn on the ground in simulators and then, when they know how to fly, finally take to the skys.


You need to do the same thing when you learn how to shoot: Learn at home and then when you know how to shoot (Stand, grip, align your sights, focus, manipulate the trigger) - That's when you go to the range.


I've put together a list of the top tools I recommend and use with my online members to learn faster and easier at home. And I want to give it to you FREE!


Meet Chris Sajnog

What My Students Say...

Having attended multiple hands-on instructional courses in firearms training, I was impressed with how Chris broke down the fundamentals in a way I'd not seen before. This explanation has really helped me grasp a lot of the why in recognizing my bad habits and working to correct them.

Bryan Black

Editor-in-Chief, Founder of ITS Tactical

he book has great fundamentals told in simple easy to comprehend terms from the eyes of someone who knows what it's like to be in combat defending our freedom and liberties, a Navy SEAL. Great book!

Blake Miguez

Top SHOT Season 1/ All-Stars, USPSA Grand Master

I have been a police officer for over 23 years in some of the most dangerous areas of Los Angeles County and Orange County, CA. I have attended hundreds of hours of firearms training, and I am always looking for a way to improve my combat shooting. ‘How to Shoot Like a Navy Seal’ puts into words and video some of the most efficient and consistent shooting techniques I have ever used. My shooting has improved and continues to improve every time I use the techniques Mr. Sajnog wrote about in his book! If you are serious about improving your combat shooting ability and the ability to defend yourself and your family, this book is a must read!

B. Atkinson

Corporal/Field Training Officer