Don’t Waste Time Cleaning Weapons

FrogLube is a biobased cleaner, lube and protectant (CLP) made from food grade ingredients. It’s petroleum-free (and actually smells good!) and works by actually absorbing into metal pores. It cleans at room temperature and dissolves carbon and active corrosion on contact. Unlike other lubes, it will not “bake on” during firing. FrogLube drastically reduces my cleaning time, eliminates friction and provides lasting protection from rust.

I feel like a spokesman…but I’m not. This is just one of those products you use and want to tell people about. After I used it on a few of my guns for about a month of shooting, I threw away all my other cleaning supplies. The only thing I have in my cleaning box now is FrogLube.

The directions that come with the product are fairly simple. First you clean all the other products off you gun and then warm your gun up. I’ve used ten minutes of sunlight and a hair dryer when I did it at night. After the gun was warm, I lathered the stuff on and put it away. When I got to the range, I wiped off the excess and started shooting. Although I was basically shooting a “dry gun,” the weapon’s action was unbelievably smooth and I never had any jams.

I’ve seen FrogLube for sale at a few of the local gun shops, so you should be able to find it pretty easily. I bought mine at the last gun show here in San Diego and talked the guy down a few bucks (don’t buy anything at a gun show for what they ask!).

Spend more time shooting and less time cleaning!


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  1. Thank you very much for this information. I checked the site for frog lube and haven’t found if there are negative side effects to using it with sentry solutions products.

    Do you know if there are any ?

    With thanks

    1. Sharon,

      I sent this question to the owner of FrogLube and here is the response:

      We looked into it, that product is moly disulfide. We discussed it with our technical people, & our opinion is that the individual will likely end up choosing one or the other. Although they will work together in the beginning, the MS will ultimately be dissolved by the FrogLube. FrogLube likes to consume other carbon based substances – it is a very aggressive cleaner. I’d almost predict that the user will discover degraded performance the more he tries to force the use of both.
      Almost everyone ends up ditching all the other stuff they were formerly using

      I hope this helps answer your question. I use FrogLube on all my weapons and couldn’t imagine using anything else. If you already have the sentry solutions products on your gun, it looks like you might have to choose…

  2. Just wanted to let you know that there are a couple of other handy things out there that help and work well with it also. I have tried it with another product called Dyna Gun Shield which I sell and it works like a champ. Since the Gun Shield is not a carbon based material it will not disappear over time as other coatings materials will. I stumbled on FL a couple of months ago and purchased some via and it cleared up a lubrication problem I was having with an old Winchester Model 94 lever action. Since then I have started changing all my hunting rifles and pistols over to the FL as the lube of choice…plus my wife doesn’t give me grief about the odor.

  3. There’s a huge page a testimonials from satisfied users (including US Navy SEALs) of frog lube on that website, sounds like a very useful product, I’ll be trying it out, thanks for the heads up.

  4. Chris
    I want to know can I use Frog Lube to clean and LUBRICATE a Springfield M1A, normally you are supposed to use Lubriplate or axle grease. Can I substitute Frog Lube for the grease and fire my weapon with out increased wear or damage. Would I use the paste or the liquid and how often should I reapply it.

    1. Bonedokter

      Yes, you can (and should) use FrogLube for everything and you will not have increased wear. In fact, you will have decreased wear. Clean everything else off with hot water and alcohol. Get all other chemicals off. Then warm up gun and scrub FL into metal. Use it each time you shoot. My gun cleaning takes 2 minutes now…great stuff!

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