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How To Shoot A Pistol Like A Navy SEAL

Here we have the definitive guide on marksmanship for any semi-automatic pistol or rifle. This combat manual quickly became an Amazon bestseller, and it’s easy to see why. This isn’t a narrative or collection of personal stories, like so many “guides” are. There is no fluff to skim and no time wasted. This guide can be as simple as “how to shoot a gun” or as fine tuned as “how to become an expert marksman”. It’s all about the effort you put in. No matter what your goals are as a marksman, these are the fundamentals you need to build on to perfect your skills as a shooter.

I set out to put in print the same good training I was delivering as a navy SEAL firearms instructor. I wanted to make that training available to civilians who wanted to become better marksmen, warriors or survivalists. With no wasted text and no self-aggrandizing, Shoot Like a Navy SEAL is just what it says on the label. A fact-focused handbook that teaches you to shoot, from the ground up.

How to Shoot A Pistol

As a Navy SEAL, I learned how to shoot a pistol with the same training as anyone. The training I now know was inadequate in every way. From stance to grip to wasteful rapid firing, this was how the world’s most elite warriors were trained. To become a truly great marksman meant overcoming the bad habits we all learned early on. We all learned to shoot wrong, plain and simple.

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When I became a Navy SEAL firearms instructor, I sought to change the bad training I had been following, and teaching, for 20 years. Once I had perfected my method of training, I literally re-wrote the training manuals for the Navy SEALS. While that military training manual is my legacy, it is of course only available to you if you enlist! 

After I retired from the Navy, I began giving marksmanship lessons to law enforcement, at shooting ranges, and eventually, to all who asked. I hoped to find good training programs I could show those who asked me for guidance to shoot. All I found was the same broken system I had once been a part of. That’s when I knew I had to change the training, just like I had done as a Navy SEAL instructor. If I wanted to teach people to shoot effectively, I had to start from the ground up…

After forming Center Mass Group, my schedule quickly filled up with all kinds of people and all skill levels, all looking to learn to shoot effectively and with professional accuracy. I couldn’t train everyone who asked me..could I?

I wrote this book for beginners who are just purchasing their first firearm, as well as for law enforcement looking for better training than they may have received at this point in their career. This manual is for hobby marksman as well as those of you with a vested interest in surviving a home invasion and protecting your loved ones.

How To Shoot Like A Navy SEAL

In this marksmanship manual, I focus on finding the right positions for you, not the cookie-cutter methods that only work for some people. Most training manuals fail to take into account the differences between people–everything from their height, weight, dominant eye and dominant hand. How to Shoot Like a Navy SEAL works as a training tool because it tailors it’s approach to the shooter, helping you to maximize your human potential and become an expert shooter.

My system emphasizes the importance of dry fire training, training you can do at home, for free. Everything involved in shooting, from breathing, stance, trigger discipline, aiming down your sights, and perfecting your understanding of sight picture can and should be trained off the range. 

The range is, of course, what you think of as training zone number one. While training Navy SEALS, my students had unlimited ammo available at no cost to them, and no day job other than becoming the world’s most elite warriors. While that was a great environment for learning, it isn’t my life any longer, and I’m betting it isn’t yours. 

The reality is, the range costs money and time, two things no one has enough of. To become the most effective marksman you can be means seizing training opportunities and tools that are available to you in your own home.

My training techniques focus on the neurological process of myelination, or muscle memory. By deliberately and repeatedly engaging in dry fire techniques, you train your brain along these perfect neural pathways.

Traditional weapons training encourages you to learn to shoot by firing rounds quickly and hoping your aim improves over time. While you might eventually learn this way, I focus on teaching my students to perfect their aim first, and let speed naturally increase as they become more comfortable with the motions involved in shooting a gun. With time spent paving that perfect path, speed will come naturally, without sacrificing aim or focus.

Chris Sajnog endorsing his book and how to get free training videos

Shoot Like a Navy SEAL aims to bring the training to you with dry fire drills you can do any place, any time, for free. When you maximize your available training time and focus on perfecting muscle memory in a controlled, static environment rather than wasting ammo and rushing yourself at the range, I guarantee you will see improvement in every aspect of your marksmanship.


It’s true, I can’t be on every range and in every backyard, correcting stance, discussing sight alignment, perfecting grip. I can’t give the same one-on-one training time to every marksman the way I once did for my Navy SEAL students. What I can do is put this manual in your hands to guide you through learning to shoot effectively and accurately. 

I am confident that every copy of my book in the world results in another warrior trained. How to Shoot Like a Navy SEAL is my gift to anyone wanting to learn to shoot or how to perfect their skills. If you are purchasing your first firearm, or you are a seasoned marksman fine-tuning your technique, this book is for you. While paving your path to perfection, let this be your road map.

An apple on the top of books and the How to Shoot Like a Navy SEAL Book CTA

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