SMART Emergency Medicine – Is the Scene Safe?

I came up with SMART emergency medicine, which stands for Scene safe, Massive bleeding, Airway, Reassess, and then Transport. SMART is a simple, effective system to respond to any emergency medical situation before medical personal arrive, or the victim can be brought to a hospital. If you haven’t watched the overview video, make sure you watch that before continuing so you can see how all these pieces fit together to provide a framework for protecting yourself and those you love … or, even those you just don’t want to bleed to death.

If you come up to an emergency medical situation, you may or may not know what happened to cause the injuries, but obviously, you don’t want yourself or others to become casualties as well, so you need to check and make sure the scene is safe. Especially in a gunfight or other shooting situations. We have a saying in the SEAL Teams – The best medicine is fire superiority!

Sometimes the best medicine that you can give is stopping the person who is putting holes in either you or the ones you love; so you may need to return fire or get to a safe place before you can even start treating the patient. Whatever the situation, if you didn’t see it happen, take the time to look around and see what might have caused the injuries.

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Look for other people injured, look and listen for gunfire, downed power lines, fallen items like a ladder or rocks, or rabid guinea pigs – anything that could hurt you or others before you can help the patient.


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