The 4th Reaction In Situations Of Stress

We all learned about the three “F” responses that we have in the face of danger, fight, flight or freeze response but did you know that there is a 4th one? Curious to find out what it is? I bet you are!

You see, the 4th response is something that you become, it’s a state that you embody and carry with you in any situation, a state so powerful that puts you in control over small reactions like fight, flight or freeze.

Start watching the video below to see what I’m talking about.

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The state of Flow is something that you practice, of course you won’t be able to maintain it in all situations in the beginning but as I said, once you fully embody it you will have total control over your body’s emotional responses. Keep paving your path! Master the state of flow and you’ll be one step closer to perfection.


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