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Chris has taken a difficult and sometimes mysterious skill set and has re-thought, clarified, and adapted the material to make it much more accessible for the beginner and the expert alike. Don’t miss this shot!

Joel Lambert

Former Navy SEAL, Discovery Channel’s Manhunt & Lone Target​

Once again, Chris demonstrates why he was considered a training expert in the most elite military force. His training is a must for those serious about hitting the target.​

Ryan Zinke​

CDR SEAL Team 6, Secretary of Interior​

You literally can’t find the techniques taught here anywhere else – because Chris developed them! He taught the US Navy SEALs to become masters of shooting under extreme conditions and now he’s offering you the same opportunity.

Scott McEwen​

#1 New York Times Bestselling Co-Author AMERICAN SNIPER​

About Chris Sajnog

I'm on a mission. Yes, I know I'm retired, so no more taking out terrorists for me.

Now, my mission is changing the way people. like you, learn elite -level skills.


Well, that's not right either. The way we reach the top in any skilled endeavor is the same. my mission — is showing you the path.


I've spent my life training the world's most elite warriors, the US Navy SEALs. One day I came home from a long deployment and realized my two boys needed me more than the SEAL Teams.


After 20 years serving my country, it was time to grow up — and become a father.


I've taken my experience as a Master Training Specialist (and writing the US Navy SEAL Sniper Manual) and authored two bestselling books. How to Shoot Like a Navy SEAL and Navy SEAL Shooting, based on the New Rules of Marksmanship.


I spent four years studying neuroscience and elite performance to develop a fundamentally unique way to learn how to shoot — the New Rules of Marksmanship training system.


I've been lucky to have helped so many people learn a skill that for the past 50 -years was taught incorrectly — even by me.


Now, I want to help you. Maybe you don't need to hit a moving target at 1000 yards, but the fundamentals for learning any skill can now be done faster and easier at home.


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