Learn why my scientifically proven techniques are the fastest, easiest &
most convenient way to improve your shooting – from the comfort of your own home.

You actually learn during
repeated practice,
not during the lesson.

With a traditional course, you see the lesson once and then get one chance to practice. By training online with me, you can watch the lesson as many times as you need, then spend your time practicing and perfecting your skills.

You'll have questions
after the lesson
and even more as you progress.

If you ask the instructor a question weeks after your course, chances are pretty good you're not getting an answer. With my online training, you also get access to the Team Room where you can ask all your questions and get the answers you need to improve.

You need to learn how to shoot (stand, grip, focus)
before you shoot.

Primacy, one of the key principles of learning, states that what we learn first, we tend to remember. It's critical that the first lessons you learn as a new shooter are correct and practiced free of stress. This simply is not possible at a live fire range.

Training online is far less
expensive any way you look at it.

A traditional one-day firearms course by a certified instructor will cost between $250 and $750, so we'll discuss the middle ground at $500. You'll also need to pay for ammunition, food, travel, and... Well, let's just leave all that stuff out and say it costs $500 a day for a traditional course. A chrissajnog.com membership cost less than a dollar a day ($0.67) with no other costs. OK, add in your internet connection if you want, but I'm guessing you'd pay for that either way!

You learn faster online than you
do at a traditional course.

With the New Rules of Marksmanship, you'll be using scientifically proven training techniques to dramatically reduce the time it takes to acquire new skills. Specifically, the training technique called dedicated practice is something that training at home allows but is nearly impossible at a traditional course unless you're training one on one with a knowledgeable instructor.

My online training is reviewable
and always accessible.

A traditional firearms training course, you'll get one, maybe two chances to see a technique performed. By training online with me, you can watch the technique as many times as you need. Say you haven't practiced a skill in a month or two and you want a refresher. just watch it again and make sure you're practicing properly. If you want to see a traditional instructor do a technique again a month later, you'll need to sign up for another class.

Online training is more convenient
than going to the range.

If you're like me, you've got other things you need to do on any given day and fitting in range time often gets bumped down the list of priorities. When I was in SEAL Teams, I was paid to go shooting. Now I have a wife and kids, and of course they are my priority. By having your lessons online and available to you twenty-four hours a day and anywhere in the world, you set the schedule. The five minutes you have before taking your kid to soccer can now be spent watching a lesson or doing some dry fire training at home.

Training online is much safer than live fire training.

The training you'll do with my unique New Rules style of dry weapons training is completely safe. By definition, dry fire training involves no ammunition. If you have no ammunition, unless you drop your gun on your toe, it's impossible to get hurt. At traditional range with live ammunition, you stand a chance of shooting yourself, especially when you're first learning. Someone else could also shoot you. (Do you do background and skills check on everyone else at the range?)

My online firearms training is
personalized and self-paced.

Unless you hire an instructor for a private lesson, you're going to get a course that's been planned out before you even got there. With my online training, you can pick the lessons you need and get help on your specific issues. You'll also be able to learn at your own pace. We all learn different things at different paces, and at a traditional course, you can easily be left behind or left standing there waiting for the others to catch up. With my online training, you can hit forward or pause as much as you need.

Build better neural pathways and avoid stress.

Every time you perform a skill, like shooting, your body builds a neural pathway making it easier for you to do that movement again (and harder for you to do any other movement). It doesn't matter whether the gun goes bang or you have to pick up brass afterward, you are building neural pathways. Learning new skills or even improving current skills at a traditional firearms training course involves stress. This stress causes mistakes in technique, which you repeatedly practice and ingrain in your neural pathways. In contrast, by training with me online, you will learn each technique perfectly and build perfect neural pathways. Once you’ve learned the proper way to shoot and have practiced until perfect, then go to the range. It will save you a lot of time, money and needless frustration.

I'm a certified firearms instructor
with a proven track record.

There are some very good firearms instructors out there. The problem is, you’ll need to sift through the majority of people — who just say they are instructors because they were in the military, law enforcement, or their grandpa just taught them really well — to find the good ones. I am a DOD certified Master Training Specialist, I’ve been to several instructor development courses, I’m a certified federal and state firearms instructor, and because of my skills as an instructor, I was hand-selected to write the training curriculum for the U.S. Navy SEAL sniper course. I’m a certified law enforcement firearms instructor, I’m an instructor-trainer, meaning I can train and certify others as instructors, I’ve written two bestselling books on how to shoot, and developed the New Rules of Marksmanship, a fundamental shift in how we learn to shoot.

You'll remember more by training with me online.

Everyone knows that cramming for a test does not work. Well, that’s what you’re doing by going to a traditional course to learn how to shoot. Getting all the information at one time leads to cognitive overload (drinking from a fire hydrant) and you will not retain most of the information. Studies have also shown that it’s critical to spread out your practice, called spaced repetition, to improve retention. So this means it’s better to practice a skill once a day over ten days than to do the same amount of practice all at once…like at traditional course.


Training with me online is private,
and I will tell nobody...

Maybe you don't want anyone to know you're learning to shoot or own a firearm. Well, if you go to a shooting range, there are only so many reasons you can be there. If you're concerned about privacy, train with me online, and your secret is safe with me.

You can share my training
with your family.

Yes, I encourage you to get your whole family around the computer and watch my videos. Learn together as a family. If you wanted to take your wife and two kids to a traditional course, your base price would go up to $2,000.00 per day. But, remember, my training is less than a dollar per day.

There are less
distractions training online.

Your ability to focus on what you’re learning is critical to becoming a better shooter. Planning, preparing and practicing at a range leaves a lot of room for distractions. Training in the privacy of your home when you have a few distraction-free minutes makes it much more likely you’ll actually train.

You can take my
training anywhere.

You can complete my training in the comfort of your home, a hotel or a hostile area overseas. Wherever you need to be, take me with you!

Online firearms
training is not illegal.

Many people live in places where training traditionally is difficult. Training is easy and convenient at chrissajnog.com.

My training system
 is proven to work.

I have trained thousands of people online successfully with amazing results. See the long list of testimonials below.

Don't take my word for it. Studies show that online learning is more effective than traditional learning.

MIT (people smarter than me) did a big study and found that learning online is more effective than learning in person. Don't believe MIT? Well, the New York Times reported on a Department of Education study that found learning online beats traditional learning...you're running out of excuses!

Training online at
home is much less
stressful than a traditional course.

The sound of gunfire, other people shooting and moving around you, or even just knowing someone is watching you can be very stressful. Stress leads to mistakes and poor training. This is the main reason so many people have problems with anticipation or flinching. They learned to shoot with the stress of the gun going off. There is no stress when training at home, so you’ll learn better and faster.

With my online training,
you're part of
the New Rules community.

Even if you go to the same course repeatedly, it’s not a community. There will be different instructors, different students, and when the day is over, so is the connection. By becoming a member of chrissajnog.com, you are joining the New Rules community of like-minded shooters, and you’ll get to interact with them in the Team Room.

My online training gives

you continued


At a traditional course, after you leave, all you'll be left with are memories. With my online training, you'll not only have continued access to the training, but I add new lessons all the time.

My training comes with a


I’m so confident in my online training that if you’re not happy for any reason, you’ve got thirty days to get a full refund. What do you think the instructor who ran your traditional course will say when you call three weeks later and say you want your $500 back?

My online firearms training offers a greater variety of topics
than a traditional course.

No matter how good your traditional instructor is, he can only teach so much information and techniques during a course. When you join chrissajnog.com, you get access to all my training topics.

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