Chris Sajnog's two-word philosophy teaches people how to be better in life.

Two Words To Be Better in Life

Most people today live a life of scarcity. Most people wake up every morning and tell themselves that they didn’t get enough sleep. They come home from work each day, and they say they didn’t get enough done. Then they go to bed every single night, and they tell themselves that tomorrow is going to be different. Have you ever told yourself that? Have you told yourself that tomorrow is going to be different? Then it’s just the same day over and over again, you keep telling yourself that you didn’t do enough, that you don’t have enough? Are you living a life of scarcity? So today, I want to share with you these two words to be better in life.

Chris Sajnog's advice to be better in life

Two Words to Be Better

I Am

Listen, we are the stories that we tell ourselves. You are the story that you tell yourself every single day. If you tell yourself that you’re not getting enough sleep, but you’re not doing anything about it, your life is not going to change. If you tell yourself that you’re not getting enough work done, you’re not going to get more work done the next day, because you’re telling yourself who you are. 

It’s very easy to change. And it takes two words to be better: I am. That’s all you need to say. Then put what you want after that. So rather than saying, I am tired, because I didn’t get enough sleep. Tell yourself, I am full of energy. 

Tell yourself what you’re going to do every single morning when you wake up. Do you wake up in the morning and just let the rest of the day happen? Or do you wake up in the morning and say, This is what I’m going to do today?” 

Or are you going to just sit there and continue to live your life in scarcity and think, “There’s never enough time? There’s never enough money. There’s not enough time for me to train. There’s no time for me to meditate. There’s no time for me to exercise.”

There is enough time. There’s plenty of time for what you want in your life. So who are you telling yourself? You are. Remember all you need to do is change two words to be better. I am.

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