Help others Pave their own Path to Perfection.

Making a testimonial video is very simple:


1. Film a 1 - 2-minute testimonial video with your phone or webcam.

2. Send me the video as an email or SMS message, or post it as a public video on YouTube and share the link with me.


Ideas to talk about in the video:

  • Value: Is what you received worth the price? (Don’t mention the price in case it changes)

  • Unique: Is my training innovative and different from others?

  • Easy: Has it been easy to learn online?

  • Me: Do you feel like I’m a good instructor? That I care? Personal?

  • Transformational: Has the training transformed any other areas of your life?

Possible video outline:

  1. What was your training/skill level/confidence like before joining?

  2. Did you have any concerns before you signed up that you couldn’t learn online?

  3. What has the training been like?

  4. What is your training/skill level/confidence/life like now?

  5. If someone is not sure about joining, what would you tell them?

Filming Tips:

  • Write out a few bullet points or key points you want to make

  • Shoot the video with the phone on its side/landscape view

  • Make sure the light in front of you is causing a shadow on your face. Sunlight works best

  • Do not have bright lights behind you

  • Film in a quiet area so your easy to hear

  • DO NOT try to be perfect. People don’t trust well-produced videos. Just be yourself!

  • Don’t worry about editing. If you send me the video I can trim off the beginning and ends before using it. If you mess up in the middle and restart, just let me know and I can cut those parts out.


See these videos for examples: