Chris Sagnog discusses ways to save money while learning to shoot.

5 Tips For Saving Money While Learning To Shoot At Home

I’m a retired Navy Seal, Chris Sajnog, the author of Navy SEAL Shooting, and one of the top 20 most frequently asked questions I get is, “How can I save money learning to shoot?”. Here are the 5 tips for saving money while learning to shoot at home.

When it comes to firearms training and learning to shoot, it can get very expensive. Whether it’s just driving to the range, buying ammunition, paying for range time, paying for instructors, paying for best-selling books like Navy SEAL shooting, whatever it is, you need to save some money 

I’ve got five ways that I can do that for you.

#1 Learn To Shoot At Home

Number one is to learn to shoot at home. If you follow me at all, you know that I teach people to learn how to shoot at home on my membership site. Even in my books, you can learn to shoot at home.

In fact, that is where you should learn to shoot. You’re going to save time and money by learning how to:

These are all things you can take care of at home before you go waste time and money at the shooting range. So make sure you learn to shoot at home. 

Chris Sagnog offers advice on how to plan out your training.

#2 Plan Your Training

Number two in these 5 tips for saving money is to plan out your training. Surprisingly enough, almost nobody plans out their training. They say, “I’m going to go with this box of ammunition and my firearm to the range, and I’m going to practice shooting.” That is the hardest and longest path to learning anything in your life. So do not do that. 

Think about what you need to do. What you need to get better at. Write it down in a training notebook. Then work on that plan. If you do that it sounds very simple, but it will work miracles and it will also save you money.

#3 Isolate Your Weakness

Number three is to isolate your weaknesses. I only use the word weaknesses here just so you understand. I would rather you call them areas where you’re going to get the most improvement because you don’t want to be calling yourself weak.

Maybe when you’re shooting, you want to work on improving your draw time. So from drawing to firing the first round, you want to improve that time when you don’t need to actually fire the round. So as you’re practicing, isolate the things that you need to work on. 

#4 Use The Right Tools For The Job

Money-saving idea number four is that you use the right tools for the job. If you wanted to build a building, you would make sure you had all the right tools for the job. What you’re building is a good shooting platform.

The way to build that is to use the right tools. Use airsoft guns when you don’t need to use a firearm. You’re gonna save yourself a lot of money. 

Today’s airsoft guns and laser pistols are not what they were years ago, you will not be able to tell the difference in these firearms except that you’re saving a lot of money. So make sure you’re using the right tool for the job.

#5 You Are The Weapon

Last but definitely not least, is to realize that you are the weapon and you need to train your mind. A firearm is just a tool that you the warrior chooses to use. The way to get better at anything in your life is to train your mind. I’ve got lots of other videos and posts out there on how to do that. So I hope you check those out. 

Alright, that is it for today’s FAQ. I hope you start using those 5 tips for saving money and stop wasting money by throwing it away at the range. Please check out my other 19 five and under-five FAQ videos and posts to continue paving your path to perfection. 

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