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Kore Essentials Belt – Discount and Tactical Gun Belt Review

When I was first asked to test out a few of Kore Essentials Belt, my thoughts immediately went back to my childhood. I have got over 40 years of documented experience wearing belts, wearing all different kinds of belts. Well, I sent Kore my first review and I realized they wanted me to actually wear their belts. Okay, so that’s not as fun. But this is my review

This post is sponsored by Kore gun belts. And I want to thank Kore for sending me these belts to try out.

Kore Essentials Tactical Gun Belt Review

Kore Gun Belt


A sample of a brown KORE X1 Gunmetal essential belt

The tan leather gun belt with the X1 buckle. This is going to set you back $59.95, but if you stick around and read the entire Kore Essentials Tactical Gun Belt Review, I will be sharing a special code with you where you can get 10% off your entire order. 

You’ll notice there are no holes in this belt. Instead, Kore concealed carry belts use a hidden track with over 40 sizing positions, each one of them just a quarter of an inch at a time that is over 800 times more adjustable than a traditional gun belt. 

This belt is designed to support small to medium weight firearms up to four pounds. They’ve got all kinds of classical buckle designs because, you know what nobody needs to know that you’re carrying. Although their buckle styles differ. All the mechanisms and functions work exactly the same. 

The belt is secured to the buckle using a large tooth clamp and two sets of screws with a hex wrench. And of course, Kore includes that hex wrench with every belt and let’s face it, Kore belts just make you look good


A sample of a black KORE X6 Gunmetal essential belt

Next up is the black tactical gun belt that I got from Kore. This one comes with the X six black buckle. I chose that one. I think it looks, it looks pretty slick. This belt is also $59.95. Kore tactical gun belts are constructed to support small to full size firearms, magazines and additional gear

Tactical belts are two times as stiff, (that’s what she said), as their leather gun belts. As with a leather belt and all of Kore’s belts there are no belt holes. Same super smooth hidden track, the tactical gun belts have a nylon web outer core, super fiber inner lining with Kore’s proprietary reinforced power core.

Kore Tactical Belt

In case you don’t want anybody to know you’re carrying, you can also choose from a wide variety of Kore Essentials Belt classic buckle styles. These kore tactical belts are secured the same way the leather belt is with a large teeth clamp & 2 set screws with hex wrench included.

Tactical gun belts also include a velcro belt keeper to keep the tip of your belt secure against your waist. These are the best fitting, most comfortable EDC gun belts that you’ll ever wear. The precise secure fit provides a smooth fast draw every time.

Kore Essentials Belt

I also got a belt hanger, which at first I thought was kinda lame, but it’s actually pretty cool and I wish I had a system like this for all of my belts.

Other great stuff to note. Most Kore buckles open beer and soda bottles using the undercarriage. I wish I would have had this as a kid, because I grew up on Mountain Dew. I don’t even know how I’m alive, because all I drank as a kid was Mountain Dew.

Kore Essentials Discount Code

Overall Review

All said and done, Kore does get my Navy SEAL stamp of approval. Use the kore essentials discount code and click the link below to order your belts directly from Kore and use the code SAJNOG10 to get 10% off your entire order

Alright, those are my thoughts. I hope you got some value out of this, and I hope that it helps you make a buying decision next time you are in the market for a new gun belt for yourself, or that special gunslinger in your life. 

Thank you for reading this Kore Essentials Belt. Please share and drop a comment on this post if you got any value out of it. Until next time, keep paving your path to perfection!

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