Open-Eyed Shooting Tactics With Chris Sajnog [Podcast]

Jeff Anderson invited me to be the guest speaker of Modern Combat & Survival podcast’s 176th episode. We discussed the importance of using both eyes in a real gunfight. Shooting with your one eye closed will get you or someone else killed in a real life and death situation. You need both eyes to focus on your front sight, acquire your target and be aware of the environment.

​The good news is, with practice you can master the art of shooting with both eyes open. I shared a simple technique that you can practice at home to improve your focus.

You’ll also learn the following:

  • check The hows and whys of shooting with both eyes open
  • check Common misconceptions about learning how to shoot
  • check A simple drill you can do at home to improve your front sight focus, with both eyes open
  • check Building proper neural pathways to improve your shooting skills
  • check What dry fire training really is, and why is it important
  • check How to acquire your targets under stress
  • check and more…

If you want to learn more about shooting with both eyes open, I’ve created several posts around this topic. Click the link below to read the articles.


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