Chris Sajnog teaches how to shoot firearms while standing.

Standing Shooting Stance: A Navy SEAL Tips By Chris Sajnog

Hi, I’m a retired Navy Seal, Chris Sajnog, and the author of Navy SEAL Shooting. One of the top 20 most frequently asked questions I get is: “How should I stand when I shoot?” Here are my tips on how to practice the standing shooting stance.

#1 Gripping The Weapon

The first thing I want you to think about when it comes to a solid shooting platform is actually how you are gripping the weapon. This is whether it’s a pistol, or it’s a carbine. Your connection to the gun is critical

When you’re building your shooting platform, start off with the grip and work backward, that’s going to make it much more stable. And it’s going to make you a better shooter. So think about having a good grip before you think about the rest of your body. 

Chris Sajnog gives tips how to have a solid shooting platform.

#2 Use Mechanics

Point number two is to use mechanics. You need to find a position that is going to allow you to support your firearm because everybody’s body is different. There are some people who have problems with flexibility, and they’re not going to be able to get into different shooting positions

The proper shooting position is going to be slightly different for everybody. What you need to do is think mechanically. “How are you able to support the firearm?”

#3 Athletic Position

Number three in these tips on standing shooting stance is to have a position that is somewhat athletic. You want to be in a position that you would be in if you got into a fight. With shooting, we’re talking about a potential fighting situation

You should drop your strong side leg back. This will help give you stability when shooting. You also want to lower your center of gravity. The lower your center of gravity is, the more stable you’re going to be.

This should be a repeatable position that you can get into and out of.

#4 Be Mobile

Number four is to make sure that you’re able to be mobile with any firearm. You don’t want a position that is going to have you locked into one position. 

So realize your feet are not stuck in cement. So you need to find a position that’s going to allow you to move.

#5 Everyone’s Position is Different

Lastly, number five is just remembering that everybody’s position is going to be different. Realize everybody’s body is different with different weapon systems

You’re going to have to adjust slightly or sometimes more than slightly your shooting position. Don’t just look at somebody and think that if you stand as they stand, you’re going to be able to shoot as they shoot. 

Good shooters shoot well because of how they practice and how they are trained. So you just need to do the same thing and find a shooting position that works right for you. 

That’s it for today’s FAQ about the standing shooting stance. Remember to use these five tips for a solid shooting platform. Please check out my other 19 five and under-five FAQ videos and posts to continue paving your path to perfection. 

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