Chris Sajnog teaches how to increase the realism of your training.

Stress Shooting Drills – How to Introduce Stress Into Your Training

Hey guys, I’m Chris Sajnog. In this video, I’m going to teach you these stress shooting drills and talk about how you can introduce stress into your dry fire training. So let’s go ahead and get started.

When somebody pulls a gun on you and you are under stress or even at a competition, there are stresses that you’re going to be under, and you need to be able to respond to that

There are two quick ways that you can easily add stress to your dry weapons training or your dry fire training. 

Chris Sajnog teaches how you can introduce stress into your dry-fire training.

Stress Shooting Drills

#1 Physical Stressor

In these stress shooting drills, number one is to add a physical stressor to yourself before you train. A lot of elite law enforcement units use this technique. Basically, you’ll do like a short CrossFit exercise, sprints, some burpees, or some kettlebell swings. Whatever you want to do, you’re getting your heart rate up, and you’re kind of artificially inducing that stress into your body. 

And that’s a great way to start off introducing stress in your dry weapons training. If you’re going to work on just drawing your pistol, go ahead and do 10-20 burpees, and then draw your pistol or maybe you do a burpee and a draw and a burpee and its draws. But either way, you’re introducing that physical stress to kind of simulate the mental stresses that you’re going to be under it really works great. 

#2 Airsoft Guns

Now, the other way that I highly recommend everybody starts doing this is to start using Airsoft. When I talk to people now about incorporating airsoft training, you kind of get laughed out of the room because everybody remembers them being toys.

Chris Sajnog recommends beginning your training with an airsoft gun.

These days, airsoft are exact replicas in how they function and how they weigh. You can easily introduce that stress in a way that’s just not possible anywhere else. Even with airsoft people will say it’s not realistic because the recoil is not the same. But standing at a range where the only place you can shoot is straight ahead at a paper target is not realistic either. 

I think that the reason a lot of law enforcement officer-involved shootings have such a low hit ratio is that they’ve never pointed their gun at a human being and pulled the trigger. Even just pointing your gun at somebody else is going to introduce stress. 

I think those are two of the best ways that you can introduce stress into your dry fire training.

So that’s it for now for these stress shooting drills. So go ahead and start doing some PT and get your heart rate up. Get yourself an airsoft weapon or two and start working with a buddy and make sure you wear all your safety equipment at all times. And until next time, keep paving your path to perfection.

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