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Learn to Shoot at Home—It’s Easier, Cheaper, and Will Make You Better

Learning to shoot at home is the best place you can improve your shooting. There are a lot of people out there that want to learn how to shoot. They want to practice, and they want to get better. But it isn’t easy for them to get to a firearm range with any consistency. Besides, learning to shoot at the range is not only inconvenient, it’s the worst way to learn!

Learn to Shoot at Home

​​You are going to save time and money by learning how to standgrip the firearmfocus, and aim the gun at home. I am here to save you money, people, and make you better shooters.

If you do make it to the range for a shooting course, that’s great, but you’re going to have questions after the lesson and after the course. And as you keep practicing, you’re going to have different questions, and you’re not going to be able to go back to the instructor you had and ask him a question on that one technique he demonstrated. That simply cannot be done with a live course. But with my online course, you can ask me all your questions as they come to you

What’s even better, you can watch and rewatch the lessons as many times as you need to progress and you can see it from different angles. Angles that you’re not able to see during a live training course. In fact, you’re probably going to have a hard time even seeing what’s going on at a live course because you’ve got one instructor doing a demonstration. If you’re training with me online, you can watch and rewatch these lessons as many times as you need.

Chris introduces shooting at home with his trainee

This brings me to my next point: We all learn at different paces which an online training environment can accommodate. If you go to a traditional firearms training course, there’s a schedule that they consistently go through. They’re going to try to get the 10 to 20 people in the course learning at the same pace. It’s just not possible to do that. When you’re learning online with me, using my New Rules of Marksmanship, you’re able to learn at your own pace, practice the things you need to work on, and not worry about others learning faster or slower than you.

What I like best about in learn to shoot at home or learning online is that in an online environment people are not afraid to ask questions! I’ve had police chiefs train online with me because they didn’t feel comfortable asking their firearms instructor how to do something. This is unfortunately way too common. In 20 years of training Navy SEALs and law enforcement (all alpha males), I would do a demonstration on the range, and I would look around and go, “Hey, anybody got any questions?” Guess how many people asked me a question? If you guessed ZERO, you’d be correct.  

No one wanted to ask a question because they don’t want to look bad in front of their buddies. I’d watch them go off and it was obvious that they had questions because they didn’t know what to do! Online, you can ask questions and not feel bad or vulnerable. You’ll watch yourself advance as a shooter much more quickly than when you go to a live training course and pretend you’ve understood everything.

Remember, learning to shoot involves much, much more than just making the gun go bang. You can practice literally anything with a firearm that doesn’t involve pulling the trigger with a live round in the chamber. You can practice and perfect loading your magazine, unloading your magazine, reloading your magazine, and doing any type of dry weapons training, whether it’s mounting your firearm or drawing your pistol. There’s more to work on than just making the gun fire. You can work on manipulating and moving that gun around or getting into different positions. Actually practicing those things is going to make you a better shooter and you can do all of that at home. 

Chris teaches his trainee to shoot at home

You can also work on other things that don’t directly involve shooting a firearm, but are going to help you shoot better. You can work on improving your vision or grip strength at home. Which will help you focus and hold the firearm better, respectively. Again, you can work on both these skills while on your couch! Get yourself a front sight focus string (shameless plug) and start practicing your grip strength. Both of these will make you a better shooter and can be worked on at your convenience at home. 

Finally, you won’t know if you’re improving and you won’t know where you need to improve if you aren’t tracking your training. Download my free SEAL Training app (iOs or Android) to track your training. It’s absolutely free and it’s going to allow you to track your training which is crucial to successful training and becoming a better shooter. And again, you can do all of this conveniently at home. No need to go to the range.

​Everything you need to do can be done with my online training right and learn to shoot at home. So what are you waiting for? Join me!

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