The Fearless Book: Adam Lee Brown Tribute

Please join us in thanking Allen J. Ward for writing the Fearless book tribute to a great American Hero.

Six years ago, on March 17, a fearless sacrifice was made by a modern-day “Gold Knight” and Christian “Crusader.” Chief Adam Brown selflessly sacrificed himself during a raid against Taliban fighters in Wardak province Afghanistan.

No matter who you are or whatever your situation may be, you know someone who has been affected by drugs. Maybe it was your children, your parents, or a spouse. Maybe it was you. We’ve heard of how drug use by someone has crushed hopes, and dreams and created undue hardships on entire families through incarceration.

These stories are unfortunately plentiful in our society. The stories we don’t always hear are ones of how people who struggle with drug addiction completely change and produce success in their families and careers.

The book "Fearless" by Eric Blehm

Adam Lee Brown Tribute

Note: God never leaves his children.

God never left Adam Lee Brown of Hot Springs, Arkansas, either. You see, after a long battle with drug addiction, Adam dealt with his demons. He fought a good fight and he finished the race. He started his family, joined the United States Navy, and worked hard at his profession. He worked so hard that he attained the nearly unattainable. He reached the almost unreachable by becoming a United States Navy SEAL.

He and his wife, Kelly, endured the hardships of his combat service and losing his right eye and several fingers. They became parents to Nathan and Savannah. Then Adam Brown set out to meet the unbelievable standards of becoming an operator on the Naval Special Warfare Development Group. Yes, Adam also added this to his list of accomplishments.

I learned of Adam Brown’s story in the Fearless book written by Eric Blehm. As a Marine veteran of eight years with several tours overseas and a bit of exposure to the Naval Special Warfare community, I took an interest in this book. The fact that Adam was a Christian from the south strongly appealed to me as well.

While I read through Fearless and tears leaped onto my face, I began to really believe his story could help so many people who think their dreams are already crushed. I mean, this guy was unreal! This book so inspired me that I traveled to Hot Springs, Arkansas, to honor and pay my respect to Adam at his gravesite. I took a long swim in Lake Hamilton where Adam swam.

I strongly encourage you to read the Fearless book by Eric Blehm as you will most assuredly connect with this story, this family, and this American hero. If you want to be assured that there are still men of character forged by the trial of addiction and the rigors of combat, you should read it. A crisp Marine salute to you, Chief Brown! HooYah LLTB

Allen J. Ward

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