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Gun Shooting Tips – Fastest Way to Improve Your Shooting

Hi, I’m retired Navy Seal, Chris Sajnog, and one of the top 20 most frequently asked questions I get is “What’s the fastest way to improve my shooting?”. So here are my gun shooting tips to help you improve your shooting. Let’s get started.

We all want shortcuts in learning to shoot.  We don’t have time, and we don’t have money to do it. So what’s the fastest way to get from point A to point B? Lucky for you,  I’ve got five ways that are going to help you learn to shoot any firearm faster than ever before. 

Gun Shooting Tips

#1 MVP Shooter

Alright, so way number one is to become an MVP shooter. MVP, in this instance, stands for meditation, visualization, and positive thinking. So if you’re doing these things, this is going to be one of the fastest ways for you to become a better shooter. 

This is focusing on your mind. And your mind is what actually moves everything you do. So when you squeeze the trigger or you grip the gun, you’re working off of memories in your mind of how to do those things. So if you’re able to make that system work better through meditation, visualization, and positive thinking, you’re going to be an MVP shooter.

Chris Sajnog explains what it means to be an MVP shooter.

#2 Plan Your Training

Number two is to plan out your training. Surprisingly, people go to the range with some ammunition, they shoot, and then they come back and wonder why they’re not a miraculously better shooter. 

So just think about what you need to work on, write it down, and then go execute that plan. So make sure you’re planning it out and you will get better a lot faster. 

#3 Dry Fire Training

Number three on these gun shooting tips is dry fire training. This is everything that has to do with making you become a better shooter. This means working on:

  1. Your eyesight
  2. Your grip strength
  3. Drawing your gun
  4. All the manipulations you can do with a firearm 
  5. Meditation and visualization

 All of that stuff is part of dry fire training. So think about what you can do outside of pulling the trigger. Work on dry fire training and you’re going to learn a lot faster. 

#4 Slow Yourself Down

Point number four is to go as slow as you can. So what do I mean by that? I mean do not try to draw your gun as fast as you can, because you’re only going to be causing training scars.

You’re literally going to be building neural pathways with built-in mistakes. You’re going to make tons of mistakes, and you’re going to get frustrated. The slower you go, the better, stronger, and more perfect neural pathways you’re going to build. 

#5 Shooting Buddy

Alright, so the fifth way for you to get faster at shooting is to get a shooting buddy or to join a group. If you have somebody that is holding you accountable, you’re going to actually do the training. You’re going to put in the time and effort to get that done. 

If you’re looking for shooting buddies, I offer a membership online. We have tons of people there to support you. There are literally hundreds and hundreds of members who are wanting to do the same thing that you want to do. They want to get better at shooting.

Alright, so that is it for today’s FAQ. Use these gun shooting tips to put your firearms training on Hyperdrive. Please check out my other 19 five and under-five FAQ posts and videos to continue paving your path to perfection.

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